Video Converter Pro: New formats and bug fixes 03/2022


Video Converter Pro is an Android App that lets you convert videos to many formats. That also works as batch processing.

A few video editing functions are also included.

Video Converter Pro in the Play Store on Chrome OS | Image:
Video Converter Pro in the Play Store on Chrome OS | Image:

There is a free, ad-supported, and an unrestricted full version for currently $6.49 purchase price, so without a subscription.

On 03/30/2022, VidSoftLab has provided a new update. What this contains, you can find out here.

The Update

The Play Store describes the following update content:

• Added new video Format OGV for encode
• Added new video codec kvazaar for mp4 video encoding
• Added new Audio Format OPUS,AMR and SPX for encode
• Fixes Blank Audio output after Encoding for some files.
• Fixes other minor bugs.


I occasionally like to use this converter on my Android smartphone, Chromebook, and Chromebook tablet. Still, I’m not sponsored.

If you prefer not to bother with Linux mode, to use Handbreak, for example, a great open-source video converter, this Android app is a great alternative. As you can see here, it’s also being diligently developed further by the manufacturer.

Enjoy the new features if you use Video Converter Pro too. 🙂

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