Test Chrome OS: With probably the cheapest purchase variant [E]


Nowadays, some mini-computers fit into cases that are only slightly larger than USB sticks.

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Concrete devices [E]

There is something like this in the Chrome OS area, such as the Chromebit B002C Complete PC. It costs about €90 at Amazon.com and others.

Image: Asus

The performance and purpose of a Chromebit [E]

You can connect a Chromebit to a monitor or TV via HDMI. Then all you need is a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse. Is all this technically impossible for you, or would you have to buy all the necessary devices mentioned above separately? Then take a look at the post about Chromebooks. But if all these requirements are fulfilled at your home, you could start right away as soon as you hold the Chromebit in your hand!

However, I would like to warn you against too high expectations: The miniaturization and the very reasonable price of the Chromebit, of course, point to a limited computing power! If you want to take a 4K TV or 4K PC screen to its full potential, this version is not for you! For simple work, surfing, listening to music, watching Full-HD videos, and smaller games from the Play Store, it is sufficient.

A great recession to Chromebit [E]

There is a great customer review on the German Amazon web page: “For what do you need a Windows PC?
If you only surf the internet and send emails, or maybe you want to watch a movie, the Chromebit is ideal. But Excel, Word, and other applications are already available also. All without installation. It works right away, takes only a few seconds after switching it on, and you won’t be bothered by ongoing updates. In short, since I got the Chromebit, I wonder for what I wasted so much time for in the past with my Windows computer
.” Link (freely translated)

Not satisfied with Chrome OS at all? [E]

If, contrary to expectations, you don’t like Chrome OS after a more extended test, then you have not incurred high expenses with some alternatives mentioned in this post. You can resell the selected device on eBay, for example.

Chromebooks as an alternative [E]

In contrast to the Chromebit, of course, Chromebooks are full-fledged devices with a keyboard, a touchpad, and a screen. However, beginner Chromebooks are often available in clearance sales or used for about $150 — €160 or a little more. So: it’s worth comparing! You can find more information about this in this post.

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