Test Chrome OS: With a cheap Chromebox [E]


A Chromebox is a kind of mini PC, which often resembles a lunch box or a cube in shape.

Image: Acer

If you already own a PC keyboard with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi adapter, or USB cable, a suitable mouse and monitor, a cheap Chromebox is an excellent way to test Chrome OS. If you like, you can continue to use it in this way afterward. Just plug it in, and with few exceptions (some special hardware), everything should work!

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Concrete devices [E]

Acer, Asus, and HP, for example, offer useful devices in this class. From very reasonable €250 up to €900 or more. You can expect that the most expensive models contain more powerful components.

Concrete examples are the Acer Chromebox CXI3 with Intel Celeron 3867U (around $289) or the Acer Chromebox Mini PC CXI3-i38GNKM2 with i3-8130U (around 399 $) at Amazon. If you have higher demands, then take the more expensive Chromebox. The cheaper box is more than satisfactory for an entry-level device. Watch out for price promotions and compare the prices of the known providers. Then you will surely get away with a little cheaper!

Not satisfied with Chrome OS at all? [E]

If, contrary to expectations, you don’t like Chrome OS after a more extended test, then you have not incurred high expenses with some of the alternatives mentioned in this post. You can resell the selected device on eBay, for example.

Do you rather prefer a tablet with Chrome OS? [E]

Now, in the blog on “How to test Chrome OS first,” we mentioned Chromebit (as a reminder: Chrome OS on a stick), Chromebooks and Chromeboxes as test cases. But would you rather be on the road in the tablet world and test Chrome OS on a tablet? That is no problem, either! In this post about Chromebook Tablets, you can read more about it!

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