Test Chrome OS: With a cheap Chromebook [E]


Chromebooks, i.e., laptops with Chrome OS, are already available from $200 upwards and that not used, but as a new device.

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Concrete devices [E]

Examples for this are the Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ (11.6-inch screen) for $199 on Amazon and the Lenovo 14E Chromebook (14-inch screen) on Amazon as well for $234. That is the status of May 2020.

Image: Lenovo

Finding inexpensive devices [E]

Is that too expensive for you, or is the 14 inch (ca. 36 cm) (approx. 36 cm) device also a little too small? Then you can simply search for cheap devices on well-known platforms like Amazon Warehouse, eBay, etc. Furthermore, have a look at Best Buy! They always have great special offers, and sometimes even better-equipped devices are available for a reasonable price of less than $200.

That also applies to the following device types Chromeboxes and Chromebook Tablets from the series “How to test Chrome OS first”? And as already mentioned several times, these devices are usually sufficient for the majority of regular users without special requirements and an introduction to Chrome OS!

The performance and purpose of Chromebooks [E]

Compared to the Asus Chromebit I introduced to you in this post, the Chromebooks mentioned above are more powerful. Also, the playback of 4K YouTube videos should not be a problem in most cases. That means you would get a sustainable solution at a great price. However, if you plan to use powerful apps like video editing or games with great graphics, you’ll need to spend more money to be satisfied at the end of the day!

Not satisfied with Chrome OS at all? [E]

If, contrary to expectations, you don’t like Chrome OS after a more extended test, then you have not incurred high expenses with some of the alternatives mentioned in this post. You can resell the selected device on eBay, for example.

Do you prefer a stationary device with Chrome OS? [E]

But are you not a fan of laptops and already have a larger desktop or mini PC at home? Then maybe the post about Chromeboxes is for you! Because there are alternatives with Chrome OS for this kind of device, too! In most cases, you could simply connect them to your other devices like keyboard, mouse, and screen for testing instead of your PC and start right away.

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