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If not buy, why not rent? Well, in Germany, there are only a few providers of rental devices with Chrome OS, but at least they do exist! As this blog is the global edition of cyldx.de, I want to state here that you may find quite similar providers in your country.

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Where to find Chrome OS devices for rent? [E]

Just search on Google for “rent“ and “Chromebook“, and then you should be able to find some offers. Be sure to check out the conditions of the respective rental contract! If you have to rent for a whole year or even longer, you will probably pay more for it than for pretty good mid-range Chrome OS devices, which cost around €400! Depending on how much you want to invest, that may already be too much.

However, if you can return the rented equipment after a short time, e.g., after 1 to 3 months, this can, of course, be cheaper than the purchase alternatives, which I also present to you in this blog.

Concrete examples [E]

As of May 2020, you can rent a good beginner’s or even a premium device from Grover. For example, the great beginner’s Chromebook Acer Chromebook 514 with a 14-inch display for €49.95 for one month. Or for three months, €32.95 monthly if you need a more extended test period. That is still less than €100.

The successors are also available there: the Acer Chromebook 714, the Acer Chromebook 715 with 15 inch (ca. 38 cm), (two beautifully designed devices made of aluminum), or the Acer Chromebook Spin 13, which has an integrated pen, and you can fold it down to a tablet. To find them, you can simply enter “Chromebook“ in Grover’s search. However, the rent for these devices is also a bit higher.

The aspects performance and purpose [E]

However, if you need more power, such as for performance demanding Android games or even Linux applications, it is, of course, recommended not to take the cheapest model. The Acer Chromebook Spin 13, which I also own, leaves almost nothing to be desired. With it, you can test everything. If you are one of the professionals among my readers, then I would recommend it to you!

Image: Acer

More tips to save money [E]

Perhaps the above prices have changed while you are reading this post, or there are newer models. However, this should not prevent you from finding a useful device for you!

If you want to commit yourself for a year, then it will, of course, be significantly cheaper monthly, but then you will already pay a total of over €200 for a year for the above example with the Acer Chromebook 514!

Warnings of pitfalls when renting [E]

You also have to be careful about hidden costs, such as the cost of shipping the device to you and back to the supplier. Of course, you also have to treat the rented device like a raw egg. If it is damaged, this can definitely be expensive.

So be careful! These are just a few pitfalls that come to mind. Maybe there’s more! So be cautious with such things and rent at your own risk. I only point out here that you can test excellent devices for a particular time by renting them quite cheap before you buy one.

Not satisfied with Chrome OS at all? [E]

If, contrary to expectations, you don’t like Chrome OS after a more extended test, then you have not incurred high expenses with the alternatives mentioned in this post. You can — as already stated above — just give your rented device back at a particular time.

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