Steam (Alpha) for Chrome OS already works!

The other day Google announced that Steam Alpha for Chrome OS will be made available for specific devices. Here is my article about it: Link.

Now there are first success stories on YouTube and the web that it’s already running pretty well. 🙂

9to5Google says:


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They show that Portal 2 runs at 60 FPS via it on a Chromebook.

And the guys from Chrome Unboxed are also thrilled:


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For example, Half Life 2 is shown in the video, which already runs pretty well on an ASUS Chromebook CX9.

Games should run best on Chromebooks with a Full-HD display. 2K or 4K is still a problem due to the limited graphics performance.

I currently own a Google Pixelbook Go and a Lenovo Chromebook Duet Tablet 10, both of which are unfortunately not supported. 😭

Oh, how I would love to test this myself. 😉

Of course, this is still an alpha version, and there are still some quirks. Furthermore, it would be great if Chromebooks finally came on the market that not only have a graphics card integrated with the processor but a dedicated one. Then you could also test newer games with it. Still, this does look promising. 🙂

For example, do you own a current Acer Chromebook 713 and test Steam? What are your experiences?

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