Stadia: Demos without an account and Windows games

Google’s game streaming service Stadia works great on Chrome OS. That’s a great way to play games if you own a Chromebook, even if you only own a cheap and slow device. However, the game catalog could be a bit bigger.

Google now adjusted its strategy and will allow game publishers to offer “free” demos. In other words: free of charge for a limited time. Called: “Click to Play.” These can be played via Stadia without a user account:

Play demos without an account on Stadia | Image:
Play demos without an account on Stadia | Image:

That was announced at the Google for Games Developer Summit 2022. It will also be possible to search the game catalog without an account.

For developers, a “Low Change Porting toolkit” is to come later in the year. A few manufacturers are already on board:

Low change porting | Image: Google
Low change porting | Image: Google

Developers will also get new tools to translate games based on the Unity Engine [Wikipedia] more quickly for the platform and thus integrate them faster. It should also become easier for developers to deploy Windows games to Stadia based on Windows emulation without modification if possible. Here is a video about it:


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So, a lot is going on.

That’s a great development for people who like game streaming and don’t want to afford expensive devices for Steam on Chromebooks [] 😉

How and what do you play? 🙂

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