Mission Statement and Vision



In this blog, I want to take you on a journey that leads away from Windows and macOS towards a mixture of Chrome OS, Android, and Linux.

Mission Statement and Vision
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I purchased my first Chromebook in 2017. It was pretty cheap compared to some Windows laptops. I just wanted to test what ChromeOS was all about. To my surprise, I was immediately hooked. Despite the low price, it ran incredibly fast. While ChromeOS had fewer features at the time than it does today, it had the most important things you need as an average person at home. Simply great! πŸ˜‰

Since then, I’ve tested a wide variety of devices and kept trying new things. Web apps, Chrome apps, Android apps, and Linux apps. What’s exciting, though, is that you can do quite a bit with ChromeOS, and it’s as easy to use and set up as a new phone! Even advanced and professionals can do countless tasks with Linux apps, for example. But then, it can get a bit more complex in some cases. Even software developers now use Chromebooks as their work devices!

I like traveling the world and working remotely. Of course, I have a Chromebook or a tablet with ChromeOS with me. I want to use both privately, but also professionally for the creation of digital content. So, I want to develop step by step to an even better ChromeOS expert and pass on my experience! You can benefit from that here, too! πŸ˜€

My Vision

My vision is to get you excited about Google’s ChromeOS and make your life more comfortable when using it.

That will be done in a simple way from an average user’s perspective. It just goes into the details if something needs to be set up for the first time and the professionals among you want to know more.

Mainly, I want to address average home users and advanced users here. That’s, e.g., not a pure blog about Linux! So, I don’t want to go into wild Linux hacks here. I’m more interested in enabling you to get all the apps you need running on ChromeOS with simple means. Once that’s done, it’s about how you can do everyday things on ChromeOS as easily and quickly as possible. With free, cheap, or rather expensive and professional tools.

Prejudices about Chrome OS

I will go into the prejudices and myths of ChromeOS and Chromebooks.

I also raise concerns about the use of the cloud, and fears that you can’t do anything with things without an internet connection. The controversy of β€œdata protection vs. innovation vs. convenience” is also a topic. Many prejudices are outdated or even wrong, since Google is constantly developing ChromeOS further. There are system updates about every four weeks from Google.

What’s in for you?

The blog will first describe in detail, among other things, devices and tools that I use myself and can therefore recommend. There are also news and guides. Of course, I am constantly evaluating new ChromeOS features and apps! In the news, I usually put my opinion on it. πŸ™‚

I will also cover macOS and Windows topics partially whenever there are questions about to be answered, like β€œHow to integrate?” or β€œHow to switch from Windows or macOS to Chrome OS?” πŸ˜€

I only test new hardware for ChromeOS myself if I ever find myself at a trade show. Since I like travelling and work remotely, I can’t pass on any experience about peripheral devices such as printers, NAS (network storage), etc. Everything doesn’t fit into the luggage! πŸ˜€ That will only happen in these areas based on research. πŸ™‚

Another restriction I want to make about apps and applications: often, my guides are about installing and setting up them. However, if something on your Chromebook, e.g., in the Linux Mode, does not work as described, you are welcome to report on the blog and the community, or I will try to help. If the problem can’t be solved with simple means, you must contact the manufacturer’s support. I can not solve all the issues in this world and do not make a paid case-by-case support on account! πŸ˜‰

The content of this blog is currently not ad-supported and completely free. Therefore, you can pick what interests you most without annoying banners and pop-ups and benefit from my experiences. πŸ˜‰

So: welcome to this blog!

Have fun!

Words in italics may be registered trademarks or companies! Examples: Google, YouTube, and Android. Or they are technical terms from the IT world, which are described in various locations in the blog.

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Ravolos is my nickname. You can call me that or Marcel.
I have marked certain words in the blog as italic. I would like to include these in a lexicon in the future.


10/26/2021: I revised and expanded the content as a fresh digital nomad.


Hey! πŸ˜€ I started this blog in 2018. Fitting the blog, I want to describe myself as a true β€œGoogle Sheep,” incredibly addicted to travel and open-minded. I like traveling the world and creating digital content on Chrome OS, travel, and mobile work.

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