Mission Statement and Vision



In this blog, I want to take you on a journey that leads away from Windows & Apple and towards a mixture of Chrome OS, Android, and Linux.

Image: pixabay

My Vision

My vision is to get you excited about Google’s Chrome OS and make your life more comfortable when using it.

This will be done in a simple way from an average user’s point of view. Only sometimes it goes into the technical details, if something has to be set up for the first use and the cracks among you want to learn more.

Prejudices about Chrome OS

I will go into the prejudices and myths of Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

I also raise concerns about the use of the cloud, and fears that you can’t do anything without an internet connection. So the issue of “data protection vs. innovation vs. comfort” is an issue. Because some things are simply outdated or even wrong, and many things continue to change.

What’s in for you?

The blog includes devices and tools described in detail that I use myself and can therefore recommend.

Apple and Windows topics are also treated to answer the questions: “How to integrate them?” or “How to migrate from macOS or Windows to Chrome OS?“.

I will post on other aspects as a result of research, experience, and test results.

So: Welcome to this blog! 🙂