Series: How to test Chrome OS first? [E]


You are probably wondering whether it is necessary to buy a new device to test Chrome OS. Because what if you don’t like it?

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Important notes

Notes for beginners: My posts usually contain some basics so that you can understand how to proceed. I partly repeat the basics in other posts, so you don’t have to jump back and forth all the time.

Here is the meaning of the abbreviations after the headings: [E] Everyone [A] Advanced [B] Beginner [P] Professional

If you still miss something, feel free to comment. The community will try to help you! 🙂

Notes for professionals: My posts usually have the form of a knowledge database entry and should be equally suitable for beginners, advanced users, and professionals. Just pick out what you need right now. You can also find content specifically targeted to professionals. These are marked accordingly with [P] and other finger points.

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Disclaimer of liability: As always on this blog, I warn you that all changes to your system mentioned in this post are at your own risk! It is theoretically possible that there are system or application errors that could lead to data loss and further problems!

What you can find in this row! [E]

You don’t have to buy a device! But the implementation of alternatives requires a thoroughly advanced IT know-how. Therefore, I will first name the easiest to implement variants in the blog in the form of inexpensive devices that you can set up quite simply. How you do that, of course, I explain to you in the corresponding posts.

Then follow those as mentioned above free, but sometimes somewhat more complicated alternatives to implement. As an experienced user, you can, of course, jump directly to these posts. For example, to the post “Testing Chrome OS with virtual machines,” as this requires a little more know-how.

Overview of the “How to test Chrome OS first” series [E]

Here are a few links to the posts that describe how to test Chrome OS in different ways:

Conclusion and motivation [E]

No matter how you decide to test: just give it a try! Many roads lead to Rome! 🙂 So first, the most straightforward variants!

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