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Below this menu item, you will find guides to various topics on Chrome OS: Web, Chrome, Android, and Linux Apps in general, games, and, later, much more.

Image: Envato Elements
Image: Envato Elements

I have presented a small overview of that here.

Important Notes

Notes for beginners: My posts usually contain some basics that you can understand how to proceed. I partly repeat the basics in other posts, so you don’t have to jump back and forth all the time.

Here is the meaning of the abbreviations after the headings: [E] Everyone [A] Advanced [B] Beginner [P] Professional

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Disclaimer of liability: As always on this blog, I warn you that all changes to your system mentioned in this post are at your own risk! It is theoretically possible that there are system or application errors that could lead to data loss and further problems!

Web Apps

Chrome OS was initially designed to be used purely with the Chrome browser as a permanently connected system to the Internet.

The operating system and Chrome were and are optimized by Google for exactly this purpose, down to the last detail. This duo runs stable, fast, simple, and secure!

Over the last few years, applications that run in the browser, have become more and more numerous. By that, I don’t mean regular websites, like news or blogs.

Whenever there is a web version of your app, I recommend you prefer it to the other versions.

You can find the reasons why in my post on Web Apps.

Google Docs as a Web App on Chrome OS | Image:
Google Docs as a Web App on Chrome OS | Image:

Chrome Apps

Do you prefer to use the Chrome Web Store and Chrome extensions like you do on your PC or Mac?

Read more in my post on Chrome Apps.

Chrome Extensions on Chrome OS | Image:
Chrome Extensions on Chrome OS | Image:

Android Apps

Do you prefer to use the Play Store and Android apps like on your smartphone? No problem! Apps install just as easily on Chromebooks as they do there.

However, not all apps are optimized for display on a large screen or use with a keyboard, touchpad, or mouse. That can lead to problems!

More about this in my post on Android Apps.

Netflix as Android App on Chrome OS | Image:
Netflix as Android App on Chrome OS | Image:

Linux Apps

If there is no web or Android version of your program on Chrome OS, or you prefer not to use both, then there is the possibility to use Linux apps in Chrome OS’s Linux mode. I described how to enable it in this post: Link.

Read more in my post on Linux Apps.

LibreOffice as Linux App on Chrome OS | Image:
LibreOffice as Linux App on Chrome OS | Image:

Gaming on Chrome OS

That also works pretty well today.

There are games on the web, Android games, game streaming via Stadia or Geforce Now, and for the Linux cracks, some Linux games.

More on that in my post on gaming on Chrome OS.

The game Path of Exile on Chrome OS | Image:
The game Path of Exile on Chrome OS | Image:


02/28/2022: Added screenshots. Grammar and text slightly optimized.

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