Google to add cloud streaming games to search soon – First in launcher on Chromebooks

Are you a fan of Cloud Streaming Games [cyldx: all cloud gaming articles]? There’s great news for you!

The colleagues at 9to5Google have spotted a developer comment on that indicates Google will soon be adding Cloud Streaming Games to the Search and, at first, in the Launcher on Chromebooks!

"[game search] Add skeleton of search provider and result

This adds:
- A stub API for cloud gaming results, to be replaced in the near future
- A search provider and result using that API
- Filtering logic to deduplicate between omnibox and game search results"

So apparently, you will soon find search results from Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce NOW, and Xbox Game Pass (unofficially on Chromebooks in the browser), among others, in the Launcher.

Chrome OS's new Productivity Launcher coming soon with advanced Game Search? | Image:
Chrome OS’s new Productivity Launcher coming soon with advanced Game Search? | Image:

Michael Perrigo from Chrome Unboxed even goes so far as to hope that everything will be integrated so well that games can be launched directly from there, like in Steam, for example. He and his colleagues have also found another code snippet:

"Shown next to a video game search result, begins a list of cloud gaming platforms the game is playable on."


9to5Google and Chrome Unboxed also hope that everything will look like Google TV, e.g., which unfortunately is not available here in every country. A similar kind of search, a wish list, a like function, children function, recommendations, etc. I can not yet read that out of the code comments, but that would be something great, of course!

The interface of Google TV | Image:

That all sounds excellent and will make finding games easier on Chrome OS 😉.

I don’t have much time to gamble, unfortunately. Still, The Elder Scrolls Online via Stadia and Path of Exile via Nvidia GeForce NOW [my article], for example, are fun now and then. 🙂

What are you playing via streaming, and what do you think of the news?


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