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Path of Exile is a very successful free-to-play action role-playing game (ARPG) for Windows and macOS X. It is available via Steam, among other places.

I am a fan of action role-playing games, and of course, I don’t want to miss them after my switch to Chrome OS.

In this post, I show you how to play POE on Chrome OS.

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How to play Path of Exile on Chrome OS


Since the game was developed for Windows and macOS X, there is no way to install it directly on Chrome OS.

However, there are some alternatives that I would like to name here briefly. I’ll highlight one alternative that I’m currently using. I am pleased with it, because it works great and is also inexpensive. You can profit from this as well.

Via CrossOver [P]

If you have a high-performance Chromebook, such as a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook or an Asus Chromebook Flip c436, you could try using CrossOver to install and play Path of Exile in the Linux mode of Chrome OS.

CodeWeavers, the maker of CrossOver, lists POE in CrossOver’s list of compatible games for Chrome OS:

Code Weavers CrossOver for Chrome OS | Image:
Code Weavers CrossOver for Chrome OS | Image:

However, in my opinion, this is a variant for Linux professionals who know what they are doing. The fun costs €38 for the current version or €59 for 12 months, including software upgrades and customer support.

I have not tested the solution. However, I have described here how you can activate and set up the Linux mode for it.

If you tried it and it works fine, leave a comment for the other POE fans in the community 😉

Via Cloud-Gaming PCs [A]

Some providers offer gaming PCs in the cloud. One example of this is Shadow. You can find some necessary information about it in this post. Like so many Windows games, POE technically works fine with the Shadow app on Chrome OS and Shadow’s game streaming technology.

Shadow Gaming Stream on Chrome OS | Image:
Shadow Gaming Stream on Chrome OS | Image:

Attention! However, you have to keep in mind that some game providers prohibit such cloud usage. I am not a legal expert and cannot confirm that this is not the case with POE. So everything at your own risk! At this point, I only want you to know about this possibility, since it works well from a purely technical point of view.

Via Cloud-Streaming [A]

Unfortunately, Googles Stadia does not offer Path of Exile. Stadia is the best cloud streaming solution for Chrome OS, in my opinion. Maybe that will change in the future.

Nvidia GeForce Now, on the other hand, integrates games from the Steam platform. Since POE is again part of Steam’s offer, this looks much better!

What do you need for it? An Nvidia account, a Steam account, and a Chromebook, for example. Then you’re ready to go!


I would recommend that you change Chrome OS’s display size to 100% in the system settings from my own experience. That’s because this is only a kind of scaling. The actual resolution of the display is not changed, and that’s what can cause problems, especially when it comes to direct mouse control when gaming.

Scaled Display size of Chrome OS | Image:
Scaled Display size of Chrome OS | Image:

With a scaled display, you may have a small offset between your mouse cursor and the mouse cursor of the streamed display. Therefore, try to play at 100% if possible:

100% Display size of Chrome OS | Image:
100% Display size of Chrome OS | Image:

However, if you have a device with a native resolution of more than Full HD, you also need a fast internet connection! I play on an external Full HD screen and have no problems at all. The operation with the mouse is straightforward.

You can download Geforce NOW for Chrome OS here: Link.

Download GeForce NOW for Chrome OS | Image:
Download GeForce NOW for Chrome OS | Image:

If you click on “START,” you will land here next:

The landing page of GeForce NOW | Image:
The landing page of GeForce NOW | Image:

If you want to have a link to Geforce NOW in the Chrome OS launcher or tray, you can install the web app with the small “plusicon in the upper right corner:

Installing the GeForce NOW web app on Chrome OS | Image:
Installing the GeForce NOW web app on Chrome OS | Image:

If you have now logged in or registered on the top right, you will finally see your game library:

Your games' library of GeForce NOW on Chrome OS | Image:
Your games’ library of GeForce NOW on Chrome OS | Image:

Here I have now pointed with the mouse on Path of Exile and clicked “PLAY.” After a short wait, you may need to log in to Steam. If this is the case, enter your username and password in the Steam login screen or register if you don’t have a Steam account yet.

Once this is done, Path of Exile finally appears:

Path of Exile on Chrome OS 1 | Image:
Path of Exile on Chrome OS 1 | Image:

If you don’t have a POE account yet, you need to register. Otherwise, you would have to register here. That has already been done for me so that I land directly in the game after clicking on “LOG IN:”

Path of Exile on Chrome OS 2 | Image:
Path of Exile on Chrome OS 2 | Image:

Let’s go! Have fun with it in the new league!

For me, this works wonderfully on an Acer Chromebook Spin 13, Google Pixelbook (2017), and Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook 10 tablet (300 – 350 €, depending on the device specifications) together with an external USB-C monitor! So you do not need an expensive device to play POE on Chrome OS! 🙂

How to play POE in English

GeForce Now and POE is automatically configured in the language of your Chrome OS system. That’s usually your native language, which may be different from English. For me, it’s German. However, most of the videos and guides for the game are only available in English. It appears that the majority of players play POE in English.

If you want to change the language of POE to English via GeForce Now and Steam in the game menu, you will notice that this will only be activated at the next log-in. Via GeForce Now, however, POE is automatically persuaded to start in your Chrome OS system language every time you log in.

You can work around this by changing the Chrome OS system language to English before launching GeForce Now:

Changing the system language of Chrome OS to English | Image:
Changing the system language of Chrome OS to English | Image:

That requires a reboot and then affects the chain via GeForce Now, Steam, and POE.

This makes it easier to recreate in-game builds (combinations of skills, attributes such as intelligence or strength, and equipment) described in English on the forums, for example

Path of Exile on Chrome OS 3 | Image:
Path of Exile on Chrome OS 3 | Image:

The costs

Well, how much does all this fun cost? Only the fees for Nvidia GeForce Now are due since POE is a Free2Play game.

Currently, you can use GeForce Now for free for a gaming session of one-hour maximum. That’s not exactly a lot. Or you can book the “Founders Edition” for a price of 27.45 € for six months. That is downright laughably cheap compared to a gaming PC’s expense, since this solution also works on many devices under Chrome OS for only a few hundred Euros.

The limits

I am a hobby gamer, a casual. I play POE only from time to time briefly in softcore mode (SC), in which the character may die without any problems.

For this, the solution via Nvidia GeForce NOW is perfectly adequate and excellent!

However, if you have higher demands, e.g., a Full HD resolution is not enough for you or you play on Hardcore (HC), this solution might not be sufficient. Just try it out in SC mode! Because I don’t want to be responsible for the death of your HC character, in which you have invested so much time and maybe money! 😉


From the perspective of a hobby gamer (casual), there is nothing against playing Path of Exile on Chrome OS. Among other things, it is possible via the combination of Nvidia GeForce Now and Steam, which is very cheap and runs great! 😉

Absolute professional gamers and gaming streamers, on the other hand, may not yet be satisfied with the solutions mentioned above. However, this may change over the next few months as streaming technologies continue to be developed and the achievable Internet speed via DSL or cable connections continues to increase.

Words in italics may be registered trademarks or companies! Examples: Google, YouTube, and Android. Or they are technical terms from the IT world, which are described in various locations in the blog.

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