Fast Snapdragon 8cx soon in Chromebooks?


Today, several Chromebooks are on the market that feature the 2nd generation Snapdragon 7c [Qualcomm]. Examples are the Acer Chromebook Spin 513 and the HP Chromebook x2 11. Performance-wise, this was already a giant leap.

In contrast, I couldn’t locate Chromebooks with the 3rd generation of the 7c, but Qualcomm has already presented a further development with the 8cx. [Qualcomm] According to the linked website, this is (only?) intended for Windows, based on a 5 nm manufacturing process. The CPU is 87% faster in multitasking than the predecessor. If you find Geekbench benchmarks exciting, you will find them here: Link.

Notably, Microsoft seemed to have entered into an exclusive deal with Qualcomm, which means that their ARM chips are only allowed to be used with Windows for ARM in the laptop market. This deal may expire soon. The XDA Developers team apparently got to know this from direct talks with unnamed sources. [XDA Developers]

This story has already been softened in principle using the first two generations of the 7c, as mentioned above in Chromebooks.

Image: Qualcomm
Image: Qualcomm

Code change indicates 8cx support

Now Chrome Unboxed has found a code change to Chrome OS that should enable 8cx usage:

FROMGIT: drm/msm/dpu: Add SC8180x to hw catalog

Add SC8180x to the hardware catalog, for initial support for the
platform. Due to limitations in the DP driver only one of the four DP
interfaces is left enabled.


Source: Chromium Gerrit

The model number of the 2nd generation 7c is SC8170, [cpu monkey], so SC8180x could point to the 3rd generation 8cx.

Such a great CPU in a Chromebook?


More we cannot conclude from the code change comment. That means it’s entirely an open question when corresponding devices will appear on the market.

However, in times of the incredibly fast and effective M1 Macs, it would be great if more potent ARM processors were also available in the Chromebook environment. Besides Qualcomm, Mediathek is also pushing more and more models onto the market. One example is the Mediathek Kompanio. [Mediathek]

As we all know, competition stimulates business. Good for us Chromebook fans. 😀

Are you more of a fan of Intel or AMD chips, or do you love Chromebooks with excellent battery life thanks to an ARM CPU?

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