Experience report: I ordered a Google Pixelbook via ChromeIT.nl from the Netherlands as a European [A]


This post is an experience report about ordering an American Google Pixelbook via ChromeIT.nl as a German within Europe in 2019.

Everything worked out fine for me! However, this report is not intended to be a recommendation or a guide on how to do this best!

Take a few ideas with you if you intend to do the same. Furthermore, the fact that the webshop does not sponsor me.


This experience report deals with the order of a device that was designed for the English-speaking market. I.e., the device’s keyboard has an English keyboard design, and the included plugs are intended for the USA, for example!

The Chrome OS system language can easily be set to many languages during the initial setup and later. Thus, you can use everything on the software side in your native language. You can also configure a keyboard layout for that, but it does not match the keys’ English labeling!

As a blind typist with a 10-finger system, this is not too much of a problem for me. However, if that is not the case for you, there is the possibility to use key stickers for your language to avoid getting it wrong. A third possibility would be an external keyboard with a different keyboard layout. Then there are no restrictions with the foreign language device.

So: Everything at your own risk, if you want to try it yourself this way! Since 2020, there are many different devices available on the German market, which you can order there without any problems! The situation is likely very similar in your country. So ordering a foreign device is only necessary in individual cases.

Important Notes

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Short introduction of Chrome IT [A]

ChromeIT is a small online shop that imports devices with Chrome OS from the USA to the EU.

Since this process involves various costs, a corresponding price is added to the articles before they appear in the webshop.

That includes, for example, customs duties, taxes, and shipping costs.

My concerns before buying a device from abroad [A]

Before I ordered my over 1000 € expensive Pixelbook there, I critically read all forum– & Reddit-posts and Google-ratings, which I could find on the topic, to look for positive ratings but also criticism.

Furthermore, the address matches the display on Google Maps, even if what I found looks like a private house.

OK! Steve Jobs & Co also started in a garage 😉

As everything made a reliable impression on me, I had decided to order there.

The webshop of Chrome IT [A]

The webshop offers a presentation in Dutch and fortunately also in English. So it is easy to find what you need in the search box:

Google Pixelbook from ChromeIT
Image: own screenshot of the author

Since I can’t find my old screenshots anymore, I created them again a few months after the order to have content for this post. Nothing has changed at this time except the prices of the Pixelbook and the pen.

Since I was also interested in the pen, I immediately clicked on the corresponding recommendation.

I then added the pen to the shopping cart on the article page appearing there with “Add to shopping cart“:

Shopping cart confirmation on ChromeIT.nl
Image: own screenshot of the author

Finishing adding items to the shopping cart [A]

Then I switched to the shopping cart via the buttonGo to shopping cart” to start the first steps of the concrete order:

Pixelbook and Pen in shopping cart on ChromeIT.nl
Image: own screenshot of the author

If you are registered there, you can log in to the right of this display. That wasn’t the case with me yet.

So on with “Checkout without account,” where it then gets serious:

Shopping cart checkout on ChromeIT.nl
Image: own screenshot of the author

On the next page, the total price of the shopping cart was displayed first:

Shopping cart total price on Chromeit.NL
Image: own screenshot of the author

Selecting the payment method [A]

Below that, I entered my data and chose PayPal as a payment method, which resulted in an additional fee of 21,78 €:

Data and payment method on ChromeIT.nl
Image: own screenshot of the author

You might ask yourself why I chose PayPal as a payment option when there is this surcharge?

That seemed to me to be the safest option. Buyer protection etc. included. So the purchase was secured to a certain extent, like on eBay.

As address I have given here still my place of residence.

Confirming the order [A]

Now I have confirmed my purchase wish by clicking on “Confirm your order”:

Image: own screenshot of the author

On the same day, a confirmation email arrived.

Two days later, the goods have been dispatched.

The successfully received package [A]

Four days later, I received the package in perfect condition:

Opening the package [A]

As you can see, ChromeIT includes adapters for European sockets! Great service!

On the other hand, with USB-C, it’s no problem to take another power supply and charge it with it. One example is the Anker Atom III 60W PowerIQ 3.0 & GaN power Delivery. I have been using this for a Google Pixelbook (2017), Acer Chromebook Spin 13, and a rented Apple MacBook Pro 13 2019 for quite some time. I can recommend it.

Here the nice Pixelbook in the package:

Opened package with Pixelbook and Pen from ChromeIT.nl
Image: own photo of the author

Sorry for the quality of the photo!

My conclusion [A]

It all worked out perfectly!

ChromeIT is very serious, and I could not complain about anything.

Once again, as a reminder: ChromeIT did not pay me for this experience report.

I am simply a satisfied customer, who wanted to have a great Pixelbook, which is currently not sold directly in Germany and other European countries.

Outlook [A]

Of course, I will also report about my experiences with the Google Pixelbook and the corresponding pen!


27th of January 2021: Added further (warning) notes on ordering a foreign device and the fact that there are now many devices available in many countries.

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