Chromebook sales Q3 2021: boom during pandemic, now slump


It’s said that Chromebooks are almost only used in the education market.

So it wasn’t astonishing that they sold like hot cakes during the Corona pandemic. To whom? Apparently, to schoolchildren, students – mainly in the USA – and also to the general public. Whether for homeschooling, home education, or home office, more devices were sold than ever before.

Now the situation has apparently returned to normal somewhat. Sales slumped globally in the last quarter.

So, what does this mean for the Chrome OS world?

First the news and source, then my take on it πŸ™‚ .

The news

Canalys, a research company from the USA, has published a report on 11/01/2021. It states that 36.9% fewer Chromebooks were sold worldwide in Q3 2021 than in the same quarter of the previous year:

As a result, Chromebooks now have a market share of 9% again, as before the pandemic in Q1 2020. However, the overall market is much larger than in Q1 2020, with just under 40 million devices sold then and now just over 60 million. So, in absolute terms, the number of Chromebooks sold is still quite a bit higher than before the crisis:

You can find the entire report here: Canalys Newsroom.

I won’t bore you further with numbers and various rumors that there are still numerous purchases pending. Because in the U.S., as in Germany (my origin), there are emergency funds that have not yet distributed the money from the entire pot to purchase such devices to schools and universities during the crisis. Source: FCC. In addition, some manufacturers are said to be unable to deliver on time due to the global problematic logistics situation and the chip crisis. Here is the source on one example: N.Y. Times article.

That may all impact pending Chromebook sales, the dimensions of which I cannot estimate in concrete values.

The current conditions of Chromebooks?

I must have created 90% of the content on this blog on a Chromebook. This is an activity outside the field of education.

Over the last few years, you’ve been able to do more and more things professionally on Chrome OS, and I don’t see an end to that.

Globally, 80 million educators and learners have already used G Suite for Education and 40 million Google Classroom in 2019. Source: Google blog. Google also presents related activities in Europe and Germany there. Unfortunately, I could not find anything about the use of Chromebooks in German schools and universities in the form of numbers. I tried to compare it to the US, where Chromebooks are very popular.

On the blog and my other channels, more and more people buy Chromebooks for themselves or their children and now ask questions about it.

Looking back, I could have easily managed my studies in Technical Computer Engineering and also MBA β€” Industrial Engineering nowadays with a Chromebook. For extraordinary things, I would have sat down at a PC in the computer center. But that would have been the absolute exception, especially in the MBA β€” studies. An older market-simulation software for a case study game required Windows. That was it.

Today, you can get Chromebooks at quite some stores. That didn’t exist in the past. That’s a good development, although I would actually stay away from some cheap devices and ignorant employees! πŸ˜€ This is undoubtedly the kind of thing that doesn’t really cast Chromebooks in a good light. πŸ™ Every so often, I annoy the people there a bit and rant about Windows, macOS, and co. therefor fun. πŸ˜‰

My valuation

A lot is changing, but it still needs time before Chromebooks can achieve a larger market share.

Image: Pixabay

+ There are now many device genres and models in the Chrome OS field.

+ Chrome OS, including Chrome, Android, and Linux Mode are constantly being optimized and enriched with new features.

+ People from very different fields are now using Chromebooks.

+ I think some people from the education sector are excited about Chromebooks‘ simplicity, speed, and security and stick with it.

+ Some parents and friends are also getting this and switching to Chrome OS instead of Windows 11.

Chrome OS and Chromebooks still have a few years to go before market share increases. So, all is well!

Even a certain powerful country in the East can’t develop an alternative to Android or even Windows overnight to make itself independent of the West. That requires many years, numerous developers, and a lot of money! πŸ˜€


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