Chrome OS: What about Atom? [A]


Atom is a powerful text editor with syntax highlighting for programming languages and spell checking.

It is open-source and available for all platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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The Linux version is straightforward to install and stable to use on 64-bit Chrome OS devices.

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How to download Atom from the manufacturers website [A]

If you have already gone to the manufacturer’s site using the link in the introduction, you have probably noticed that the appropriate Linux version is automatically selected as the Debian package:

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You can now download this package by clicking “Download .deb.” As the download location, you have to choose a folder below “Linux files.”

Here is an example of the downloaded file in the download folder:

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If the folder β€œLinux files” is not available to you, you can read in this post how to activate and set up the Linux of Chrome OS first.

How to install Atom on Chrome OS [A]

You can now install the downloaded Debian package on your system simply by double-clicking it:

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The installation may take a while:

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The system will inform you when the installation is complete:

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Now you should restart your system and then start the Terminal or another Linux application. That is necessary because the icon of the application is usually not yet found in the launcher here.

How to find and start Atom on Chrome OS [A]

After installation, you can find Atom in the launcher as normal and start it from there:

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Now you can set it up any way you like and use it on your Chrome OS device just like under Windows or macOS:

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How to use LibreOffice without installation on Chrome OS? [A]

That is also possible with the help of providers who make applications available online on a platform. However, this service will cost you a few bucks per month. A good example is the provider rollApp:

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rollApp currently offers you a selection of 340+ applications (as of June 2020), which you can use immediately in your browser with the usual range of functions without installation. One of them is Atom:

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If you start the application now with “Launch online” you can use Atom as usual:

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You can store your files e.g. in Google Drive if you link it to your profile in the rollApp settings.

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