Chrome OS 99 released: What’s new?


Google has distributed Chrome OS version 99 since early March 2022 and has improved some things with it!

The version has already arrived on my Pixelbook Go and Lenovo Chromebook Duet Tablet 10. 🙂

Chrome OS 99 released: What’s new?
Chrome OS 99 | Image:

New directly available features

  • Pinning applications directly from the Launcher
  • Creating GIFs [Wikipedia] via the Camera app
  • Conversion of the Files app to a Progressive Web App (PWA) [Wikipedia] completed
  • Faster Desktop creation: in the overview, drag a window directly into a desktop
  • Better palm ignoring when typing with a digitizer
  • Nearby Share: Background scan introduced to find new devices easier
Desktop Overview: Window Drag & Drop | Image:
Desktop Overview: Window Drag & Drop | Image:

New Chrome OS Flags

Attention, these are partly still experimental!


Activates the new sidebar for searching in Chrome.


Activates the new sidebar for searching in Chrome per Tab:

Search sidebar in Chrome | Image:
Search sidebar in Chrome | Image:

Activates the filter function (audio, image, video) in the “Recentview in the Files app:

Filter in the “Recent” view in the Files app | Image:
Filter in the “Recent” view in the Files app | Image:

Enables the ability to open jxl files [Wikipedia] in the Files app and view them with the image viewer.

Sources: Chrome OSSystem settings: “See what’s new,” 9to5google, Chrome Unboxed.

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