Chrome OS 100 includes an early version of animated screensaver for Chromebooks

The News

To my amazement, Kevin Tofel of About Chromebooks is running his daily driver (primary device), an Acer Chromebook Spin 2018, on the Chrome OS development channel. Chrome OS version 100 has already arrived there. He found out that Chrome OS 100 includes an early version of an animated screensaver for Chromebooks. A new setting allows you to enable it.

The Chrome Unboxed team hasn’t missed it, either. E.g., with a web app like Lottie, you should be able to create your own animations in the form of GIF files (an image format) in the future and then set them as screensavers. It should also be possible to select the images on Google Photos as a source. Currently, however, this is not yet possible. Only a prefabricated animation with six photos can be selected and activated. Chrome Unboxed shows this in this unlisted YouTube video: Link. That looks very promising, in my opinion!

If you like animated screensavers on Windows or macOS, you will soon be able to enjoy them on Chrome OS as well! 😀

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How to enable the Chrome OS animated screen saver

I once switched my secondary device, a Lenovo Chromebook Duet 10, to the development channel and followed the instructions on both blogs. That’s not without danger! Immediately there were display errors in the system and Chrome. Don’t do this on your primary device!

First of all, you need to enable the following flag:

Enable Personalization Hub UI | Image:
Enable Personalization Hub UI | Image:

Next, you can enable the new flag:

Enable Ambient Mode Animation | Image:
Enable Ambient Mode Animation | Image:

That new area for personalizing your system was introduced with Chrome OS 98 as a hidden functionality. That includes the wallpaper, screensaver, and avatars:

Enable the animated screen saver | Image:
Enable the animated screen saver | Image:

As you can see, the interface is still missing the translation of your mother language (for me, German) and more.

I didn’t change anything else in the settings. If you don’t have both flags enabled, the two image sources are the default for the regular screensaver on Chrome OS.

If you wait a bit, it will look like this:


It’s nice to see minor new features like this appearing every four weeks and adding valuable enhancements to Chrome OS.

However, since this is still an early version of a new feature on the development channel, we’ll have to wait a bit for it.

I can’t recommend you switch your Chromebook to the development channel. It can make your device unstable and cause problems!

From experience, when animated screensavers are released to everyone with Chrome OS 100 or later, it will take a while before all the promised features are available. Perhaps Google will also activate the feature first for game-happy users, enabling new features hidden first via Chrome Flags before usually integrating into the standard Chrome OS settings.

So be patient, and we can all look forward to this new feature soon. 🙂

What do you think about it? Have you missed such a screensaver on your Chromebook yet?

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